1. hpseaton:

    Jenn Shelton completed the John Muir Trail in 4 days 9 hours! Awesome running!!



  3. Mike Foote with Jez Bragg above the clouds today


  4. 90-and-over relay team set three world record last weekend at usatf masters championships! The foursome ran the 4x100m relay in 2:22.37, the 4x400m in 12:41.69 and the 4x800m in 28:17.10 seconds. (via usa today sports)

    Charles Ross, 91, Charles Boyle, 91, Roy Englert, 92, Orville Rogers, 96 and Champion Goldy Sr., 97.

    At last. Good to see guys older than me for a change….

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  5. Mary Cain’s Kick Is Golden

    If you didn’t believe it before, you will believe it now, Mary Cain is the new Golden Girl! This race is definitely one of the most exciting from World Junior Championships in Eugene.

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  6. kabukisnyder:

    rhalou’s 35th birthday | at the finish line where rhalou ran an ultra with sixsecondshigh and friends dropping in for segments. 35 miles + 5 miles ish for good measure. good idea for my 47th birthday which will fall on a sat in 2020. think we’ll round up to 50 miles.

    Me and Rhalou at mile 40 of her birthday ultra run.


  7. Jenn Shelton is attempting another heroic attempt at a speed record on the John Muir Trail.



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  10. Arthur Lydiard