1. Rory Bosio wins UTMB AGAIN.



  3. hpseaton:

    Kilian on the Matterhorn



    Ive had a very big summer break but the clinic will be open again from 8am 15th of September 2014. I will remain open everyday 8am-8pm until 24th September when the clinic will be closed for good until I can find a new clinic space to rent. Therefore if you want a massage this month you have just under 10 days to get one before Six Seconds High closes until further notice. I’ll be taking bookings for sessions from 10th September in the usual ways but not before that date, so please don’t try and book before then as I won’t be able to do it. 

    Unfortunately during this opening time I will not be able to offer the usual discounts and concessionary prices. Sessions will cost everyone £40. I’m very sorry about this but until I find new premises I have to charge full price for everybody.

    Hope to see you all soon.


    If anyone knows of any clinic space that is available to rent in the South West London area please let me know.


  5. hpseaton:

    Fernanda staying strong during the UTMB


  6. lighttread:

    Photo Credit and comment -Tim Kemple

    Yesterday I watched @rorybosio win the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc here in Chamonix France. And while the images we captured on the course were amazing, it was this moment — after signing autographs, having her picture taken 1000 times, and talking to reporters for an hour, that I love the most. -
    Yes, despite superhuman feats of endurance, Rory takes off her shoes one foot at a time, just like everyone else.



  8. Dutch superstar Dafne Schippers


  9. A timely reminder to everyone rushing around at the moment


  10. 1965, Kip Keino sets a 3000m world record of 7:39.6