Articles and studies on the science of running

Nicholas David BourneFast Science: A History Of Training Theory And Methods For Elite Runners Through 1975

Sarah Lorge ButlerA Complete Break, After a freak foot fracture took a long time to heal, Sally Kipyego recovered by doing what she had always done: listening to her body.

Karl B. Fields, Jeannie C. Sykes, Katherine M. Walker and Jonathan C. JacksonPrevention of Running Injuries

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Matt FitzgeraldHow Old Is Haile Gebrselassie?
Matt FitzgeraldSix Lies You Were Taught About Lactic Acid
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Matt FitzgeraldEverything You Need To Know About Running In 14 Words 
Matt FitzgeraldTrain By Feel For Better Results 
Matt FitzgeraldStudy: Run More To Stop Injuries

Lauren FleshmanWhy Science and Running Don’t Always Mix

Gabbett TJThe training-injury prevention paradox: should athletes be training smarter and harder?

Dr. Steve GangemiAerobic v Anaerobic

R N van GentIncidence and determinants of lower extremity running injuries in long distance runners: a systematic review.

Tom GoomTop 3 solutions for common running injuries
Tom GoomKenesio Tape - does it work

Michelle HamiltonThe Recovery Approach, Matt Dixon has helped turn over-trained athletes back into competitive machines, Ryan Hall among them.

Todd HargroveShould You Stretch a Sore Muscle?

Rebecca HersherPerfect landing, Study finds barefoot runners have less foot stress than shod ones

Jan HoffmanExercise May Help Protect Children From Stress

Alex HutchinsonThe Neural Origins of DOMS
Alex HutchinsonRunning Times Library
Alex HutchinsonHow Does Endurance Training Affect Your Thyroid (and Vice-Versa)?
Alex HutchinsonHow to Build Mental Muscle

Mackenzie LobbyRethinking Recovery

Steve MagnessA Case for Running by Feel- Ditching your GPS because of Ecological Psychology

Marcora SMStaiano WManning V. - Mental fatigue impairs physical performance in humans.

Greg McMillanGive It A Rest
Greg McMillan - Pace Calculator for Training Intensities

Cheri D. Mah, MSThe Effects of Sleep Extension on Athletic Performance

Patrick McCrannRunning Success Isn’t About Flash, It’s About the Basics

Matt PhillipsHow and Why Should You Strengthen Your Hip Abductors
Matt PhillipsA Good Hurt vs. Pain: An Introduction to Understanding Pain
Matt PhillipsPosture and Pain, Implications for Runners

Neil ScholesHow To Train The Kenyan Way

Smith MRCoutts AJMerlini MDeprez DLenoir MMarcora SM. – Mental Fatigue Impairs Soccer-Specific Physical and Technical Performance.

Damien TougasThoughts on Running and Injury